Scenic & Peaceful

Greater Deal Island

Eastern Shore Wildlife

Activities: bird watching, bike riding, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, photography, power boating, sailing, waterfowl hunting & walking.

The Commerce:

  • Wholesale Seafood; fish, oysters, crab, etc
  • Residential Real Estate; new construction, "teardowns" and re-sales
  • Retail Shopping: other than 3 small market type stores, the nearest shopping area is a half hour away.

Where to stay: this area has a "Martha's Vineyard" circa 1950, 60's feel to it. Accommodations such as whole house rentals, B & B's and hotels are far a few between. Send email inquiries to .


Where to eat: 2 of the 3 small market stores have delis & all 3 have snacks & beverage´┐Ż2 sell gasoline & alcoholic beverage. And, most folks do the 30 minute car ride "in to town" to Princess Anne to shop at the grocery store. Also, restaurants are non-existent; again that would be a trip to Princess Anne and/or another 20 minutes to Salisbury.

How to get there:

  • by car: approximately 55 minutes southwest of Delaware/Maryland State Line. Take Rt.13 South to Deal Island Road West (Rt. 363)
  • by air: Salisbury Regional Airport has daily flights from Philadelphia, Reagan National & BWI (Baltimore) Airports. For airport ground transportation in the U.S. go to: and click on the Groundnet logo.
  • maps: go to mapquest to get detail driving directions to Deal Island, MD - zip code 21821

Informative essay about Deal Island

When it comes to scenic destinations in Maryland, few places can hold a candle to Deal Island. This majestic island is located off the Chesapeake Bay and is ideal for bibliophiles and authors. Its serene environment and nature-themed activities will appeal to those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

A popular recommendation on several write my essay websites, Deal Island’s ambiance helps writers overcome creative blocks and is perfect for meditation. To get to Deal Island, tourists can take a 55-minute drive from southwest Delaware or catch a flight from Salisbury Airport in Philadelphia. But before going, visitors should arrange for where to stay, as the island’s 60’s vibe means that hotels are few.

But once the accommodation hitch is out of the way, the island has much to offer travelers. Bird watching, kayaking, fishing and bike riding are some fun activities to do on Deal Island. There are also a couple of small stores for those interested in shopping for groceries and drinks. In all, Deal Island is a classic essay example of what living on an island feels like and is perfect for people seeking an experience different from what they are used to.