Scenic & Peaceful

Greater Deal Island

Eastern Shore Wildlife

Activities: bird watching, bike riding, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, photography, power boating, sailing, waterfowl hunting & walking.

The Commerce:

  • Wholesale Seafood; fish, oysters, crab, etc
  • Residential Real Estate; new construction, "teardowns" and re-sales
  • Retail Shopping: other than 3 small market type stores, the nearest shopping area is a half hour away.

Where to stay: this area has a "Martha's Vineyard" circa 1950, 60's feel to it. Accommodations such as whole house rentals, B & B's and hotels are far a few between. Send email inquiries to .


Where to eat: 2 of the 3 small market stores have delis & all 3 have snacks & beverage…2 sell gasoline & alcoholic beverage. And, most folks do the 30 minute car ride "in to town" to Princess Anne to shop at the grocery store. Also, restaurants are non-existent; again that would be a trip to Princess Anne and/or another 20 minutes to Salisbury.

How to get there:

  • by car: approximately 55 minutes southwest of Delaware/Maryland State Line. Take Rt.13 South to Deal Island Road West (Rt. 363)
  • by air: Salisbury Regional Airport has daily flights from Philadelphia, Reagan National & BWI (Baltimore) Airports. For airport ground transportation in the U.S. go to: and click on the Groundnet logo.
  • maps: go to mapquest to get detail driving directions to Deal Island, MD - zip code 21821